The Space Where the Magic Happens


One of the most important elements in learning, life, business, relationships – you name it – is the time when nothing really occurs; the critical, special place in between all of the other stuff.

That nothing space where the magic happens.

The importance of space is apparent in almost every discipline I can think of.

A good presenter or speaker uses space to his or her advantage. The audience gets a chance to breathe and take it all in.  That’s a key ingredient to an excellent participant experience.

I always loved Steven Covey’s explanation: “you cannot rush the harvest”. Natural laws employ that space. You must first do the preparation, the tilling, the weeding, all the work, and then the magic happens.  Here’s the place where patience and perseverance take over – they are space creators.  Did you ever notice that so much growth in nature happens overnight – that space when you’re not doing anything?

The space allows for the inhalation. The exhalation is when we are exerting ourselves:  talking, singing, presenting, working, and exercising.  Without the space, we cannot continue, we run out of energy, creativity and life.  We must have space to breathe or make room for it or we’ll expire.

In music, the space between notes is as important as the notes themselves – some say more important. The silence between measures or the time between the last chord at the end of the piece and when the conductor lowers his or her arms!  More magic!

Many of us are uncomfortable with that space. Some of us don’t do quiet time very well.  We must be doing something all the time.  Multi tasking fills up those pesky voids.  We could be missing a lot.

In business consulting, one of the most important ingredients to a successful client relationship is the time between meetings, not the meetings themselves. That space is the special time when the questioning, the challenging, the creativity of our time and work together takes hold and germinates into momentum and positive results.

Just allowing for that space to devote to your business is progress. Investing your time and energy to pause, reflect, think, ponder, refresh, and renew.  Ah, now the space is doing its magic.

If you need help with creating that space to improve your situation or business, call us. We’ll help you create that special space where you can profit from the experience.



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