How do
business owners get the


to grow well?

  • Skills

    Learning critical leadership and operational capacities.

  • Structure

    The key that unlocks profitability and growth in a business.

  • Courage

    Having someone in your corner, a sounding board and cheerleader; an expert who has walked the path before.

But…how do you get Momentum?


Improved Small Business for the Mission Driven Owner

  • Initiating Growth Starts with Locating the Heartbeat of Your Business

    “It’s nothing personal; it’s just business.”

    We’ve all heard this statement; most of us have probably even said it once or twice. But when you own a small business, it’s always personal. Your business is part of your identity. The decisions you make, profit or loss you experience, satisfaction of your customers, and the quality of your employees are all notches on the yardstick by which you measure your self-image.

    If you acknowledge how deeply personal your business is to you, then you can begin to understand why running it can make you feel isolated. No one knows exactly what you know, and no one fully understands the intricacy of thoughts, values, and experience behind your every idea and decision.

    In that isolation, you may find yourself asking questions like these:

    • How do I measure business performance?
    • How do I increase business growth?
    • How do I improve sales and revenue?
    • What are my processes, and could they be more efficient?
    • How do I know if my business is profitable?
    • What is cash flow and why is it important?
    • What are the best practices for making business decisions?


    If you are asking these questions, you need a guide who will help you stop overthinking and start moving forward. It’s time to learn the language of your business so that you can evaluate what is working and what isn’t. Becoming fluent in this language paves the way for effective performance measurement, process improvement, operational efficiency, and solid decision-making techniques.

    How do you become fluent? All you have to do is ask.

    Do you have someone you can trust with every thought, fear, brainstorm, and shortcoming? Do you have an objective partner who has been in your shoes and knows exactly how to guide and motivate you in the right direction? Do you have an advocate who will help you break down your entire model and market into the simplest terms, truly explain everything, and then empower you to make informed decisions?

    When you find that person, you’re on your way to building Momentum. The Walters Group is that partner for many small business owners just like you. As your consultant, Kirk is unflappable, insightful, and passionate about your success. You value emotional intelligence as well as analytics to operate your business, and Kirk applies the perfect balance of empathy and motivation to move you forward.

    Do you want to grow but you’re not sure how to measure business health and success? Contact me to start a conversation.


    “We increased productivity 1.5-2X working with Kirk.”

  • Growing Small Business with Integrity and Value


    • Stop feeling stuck – We’ll brainstorm together to uncover opportunities for business improvement.
    • Apply process improvement – I will help you define and identify processes, then simplify them for repeatability and automation where possible.
    • Measure what matters – I’ll analyze your data to uncover how much of your revenue converts to profit.
    • Calculate profitability – Understand costs and revenue to reveal the best ways to increase profits and stop leakage.
    • Secure steady cash flow – I’ll teach you the fundamentals of cash flow management for long-term sustainability.
    • Make informed decisions – Learn how to think, not just react, with decision making tools that consider facts, avoid guesswork, and take out the emotion.
    • Maximize human resources – We’ll define roles, create systems, and instill policies that allow employees to understand expectations and take ownership of productivity.
    • Create efficient operations – I’ll sleuth out inefficiencies disguised as necessary tasks and help you think through more effective strategies.
    • Fix systems rather than symptoms – We’ll pinpoint the root causes of pain points and create comprehensive solutions for lasting improvement.
    • Regain energy and confidence – Trust me to absorb venting and vulnerability so that we can clear the path to balance and work satisfaction.


    Are you tired of hearing all the newest buzzwords without clear information on how to apply them?

    Contact me today for a conversation in plain English that provides clarity.

    “We went from a fire drill mentality to a planning based atmosphere. It gave us the time to work ON our business”


Even if you have a map,
you sometimes still need a guide.

Growing a business means putting a lot of the right effort up front. One of the problems you might be facing is you are not starting from the beginning – you’re in the business. What worked to grow your business in the past may not be working now. It’s common to have a real sense of frustration and inertia.

What will you do first? What are you greatest areas of need? How can you keep everything flowing without adding extra work for yourself?

With an honest and frank assessment, the structure of the momentum model will give you the data and foundation you need. You are not alone. You get the drive and courage to move business forward.

What might your roadmap look like? Learn more






Intentional action drives success.

Creating the conditions that make your business thrive is not a series of random actions. They are carved from the initial assessment and designed into effective decisions and actions.

Do you have an operational strategy? What process do you use for solving problems and making decisions? How do you predict and anticipate?

Making a profit is an intentional endeavor. It requires big picture thinking paired with exquisite attention to detail in the present. The Momentum Model helps you measure, monitor and learn about your unique profit drivers and points of friction.

Profit drivers? Friction? Learn more







The velocity of growth
requires the right profit drivers.

Often times, we may be generating revenue with no idea if the business is making money. Markets and cycles have changed, but have roles and expectations adapted to those changes? People appear busy, but productivity may be down and effectiveness non-existent.

What markers and indicators are you using now to pinpoint profit drivers? Have you identified the strategic places to place your time and resources for growth?

The momentum model focuses on key operations in which business models produce and capitalizes on that knowledge resulting in growth and profit.

What key operations do you monitor? If you don’t know, learn more









    If I’ve become confident of anything in my 40 years of business experience, it’s that we build businesses on relationships. Working with a consultant is no different. Business is not a sterile environment of data, strategy, and results. Yes, we need those things, but it all starts with the heart.

    I spent my career getting the proper education, building a proven sales history, and growing into various leadership roles. But getting to the heart of the matter is my particular skill that drives results for my clients. We both know that my checklist of accomplishments isn’t what is going to impress you.

    What you really need to know is whether or not you can trust me with the serious business of your business and whether or not that kind of vulnerability will be worth it. I know you can and that it will be. I know what it means to fully believe in a deliverable while simultaneously being petrified that no one else will. I also know what it takes to move beyond that fear for measurable growth. I bring that knowledge into my relationships and respect the passions that get my clients out of bed every morning. I listen to what you tell me, and I pick up on what you don’t. I push without offending, and I encourage without condescension.

    Our work together drives results because we are honest, have trust, and listen to each other. You stand inside the box, and I’ll stand outside the box. From these perspectives, we’ll implement creativity, strategy, and innovation that builds Momentum for your growth.

    Who will benefit from my services the most? Learn more

    “When we were crazy and frazzled, and reverting to bad habits, you brought us back to the good ones.”


    My small business clients are intelligent, intuitive, and mission driven. They are experts at what they do, and they believe in the value of their work. They are motivated by a job well done, an opportunity to be creative and innovative, and satisfied clients. They see the need for growth and better profit margins, but they are unsure of how to balance authenticity, quality, and sales. They are effective leaders but must learn to delegate. They know every detail of their business but need help zooming out to the big picture. They want to improve operational efficiency, but they are embarrassed to admit what they don’t know.

    Guiding business owners to these objectives has been my joyful work for nearly a decade. I understand what you bring to your business, that you are the unique factor that makes it work, and I set out to leverage your greatest strengths for tangible growth.

    Together, we’ll evaluate your obstacles to growth and tackle them together. By developing leadership skills, creating habits, establishing systems, practicing decision making, and improving objectivity, you’ll take daily progressive steps towards growth that will generate ongoing Momentum.

    Do you lead from the heart? That’s good! Learn to use your natural intuition for smart growth tactics that build Momentum. Contact me to schedule our first conversation.

    “He is good at seeing the big picture then analyzing the systems and operations that boost our profits.”


Outsourced Advisory Services

Grow your company with the ongoing guidance of trusted advisor, a professional whose years of business experience and fresh set of eyes bring new insights and strategies to your challenges. The Walters Group helps you develop and execute day-to-day leadership and operations skills that enhance productivity and positively impact your bottom line. Retainer.


Short-Term Consulting

If you’d like experienced, executive coaching to help you work through short term issues, to plan projects, refine and set goals, or simply brainstorm, you’ve come to the right place. No need to reinvent the wheel. The Walters Group works with you to develop constructive tactics and tried-and-true strategies that help you build success. Short-term contract.


Project Management

Are you or your leadership team working on a business, civic, or not-for-profit project? Count on The Walters Group to assist you with scheduling, management, facilitation, process documentation, and whatever else you need. We’ve been there, done that. Let us help you avoid pitfalls and achieve a positive outcome. Per project.


Momentum Groups

Join a safe, confidential group of five to six, like-minded leaders seeking steady progress for themselves and their companies through The Walters Group. Identify models for profit and growth and discover the actions required to achieve them. Share thoughts and take away fresh ideas and perspectives to energize your organization and boost its profitability. Learn more here – Go to Momentum Groups

Training, Financial Analysis, and Marketing Expertise

Affiliate Partner Services:  The Walters Group proudly offers you expanded services through our Affiliate Partners, Yvonne Caputo, MS, MA,, Lesley Katz, CPA, CGMA, PMP,, and Adriana Motto  Learn More

Let’s get started!  Contact me now


“You set policies for better financials and our cash flow increased. It’s amazing what you can’t see in front of you!”



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