Making Shift Happen – Generating Business Momentum

After watching the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl this year, two observations emerged.  First, they were exciting and outstanding games.  Second, the impact and importance of the shift in momentum on the field from one team to another significantly impacted the outcome of the games.  This is true for most sporting events and it is no different in business.  Shifts in momentum can make a real difference in the day to day operations and bottom line results of a company.

In business, you know when you have momentum.  It’s a synergy of positive leadership and operational forces that create more momentum and propels a business forward; it’s the key that unlocks profitability and growth.

Business momentum has its own language and thought process. How often do we use words like start-up and launch?  These often refer to the beginning stages of a new product’s life cycle or new company’s journey.  In fact, entrepreneurs are characterized by having great energy and doing whatever necessary to make the business fly – they generate momentum!  What happens later?  Companies grow organically, they mature and times change.  Then external market conditions can dramatically change the playing field.  All of a sudden there is a realization that things may not be moving as in the past.

When you don’t have momentum, you know you want it and need it now. But how do you get it?  By recognizing there are positive forces that move a business ahead and you can create those forces.  For instance, implementing a simple and effective customer deposit policy can do the heavy lifting, generate cash flow and create momentum.

What are your unique profit drivers – your business accelerants?  What are your unique friction points – the current negative forces slowing or stopping business growth?  If you are doing business as usual – just going through the daily routine with little results – it may be time for you to examine your business from a physics standpoint.  Is it standing still or worse, slipping backwards?  An employee who is not empowered, but is languishing with no understanding of a clear role or responsibility is simply a recipe for momentum loss and profit leakage.

As leaders, we have to generate positive change because it won’t happen by itself.  We must make the first push forward in the right direction.  That will create the motion which will build on itself.  We need to be willing to take that next step toward creating momentum and energy for our business in order to witness the positive forces take over.

Growth and success accelerate when business leaders embrace the momentum mindset:  clarity of thinking, effectiveness of action and profitable results.  People have plans and strategies, but they need help with implementation and execution – skills, structure and courage.

I deliver high impact guidance to business leaders moving them past friction to velocity propelling them and their businesses toward their desired outcomes and greater success.

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