Systems are our Friends…or Should Be

For many businesses, there seem to be two extremes when it comes to systems and their inherent processes, policies and procedures:  too much or basically nothing.

Over time, many businesses grow organically and the system components develop and grow along with them and can sometimes become the 400 pound gorilla that lumbers about, needs to be fed, cared for and sustained.  Details are important, but cumbersome systems that are difficult to understand, learn and implement are another thing entirely.  For a company and its people to be agile and efficient, the infrastructure must follow suit.  Maybe it’s time to put that gorilla on a diet, look at some of your systems in place and trim down the language and associated actions that are no longer effective or needed.

For other businesses, maintaining that entrepreneurial energy and flexibility is a wonderful thing.  Unfortunately, some owners fear they will lose control or be tied down with infrastructure.  Even worse, sometimes because there is no effective infrastructure in place, leaders may not have time to address it.  Having to stop and get an answer from the boss and/or re-inventing the wheel every time a situation comes up is wasteful and inefficient.  Structure frees you.  Put policies and procedures that can be the “bad cops” and do the heavy lifting for you and your team.  You can concentrate on more important things like awesome customer care and profitability.

Appropriate and efficient system components become profit drivers that should increase day to day momentum.  Make your systems helpful friends – they can be your “12th Man” on the business playing field that can make a winning difference.

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