Structure Frees You – Depend On It!

Being reactive all day long is fun isn’t it?  You don’t have time to think.  As a matter of fact, thinking has nothing to do with it.  You’re pulled and pushed in every direction.  You’re on, needed, valuable, indispensible, right?  The day goes by quickly with an adrenaline rush and you go home wiped out, but what did you get done?

Structure frees you!  There are so many small and beneficial ways we can fight this reactionary routine and be more effective, but we have to choose to abandon the normal.  Here are three simple tools – implement them now and accomplish more today.

Value:  Knowing and measuring your value is foundational to success!  Your time is not free.  When you place an accurate monetary value on your time with everything you do, it brings clarity of choice for execution:  every minute counts, it’s mentally calculated and charged.  A higher value on your time puts a higher value and priority on the important issues and tasks on your plate.

Intention:  Intention is your set up for today’s productivity.  Before you head out the door – what is your projection for the day, how are you going to respond to those around you and what are you going to get done?

Preparation: Anticipation and prediction are two of the most important skills we can use and hone for daily achievement.  Being ahead of the curve and actively preparing and planning for the day sets us up for accomplishment.

It takes choice and discipline to know your value, create intention and make preparations.  These are vital parts of the mental structural framework that guides you each day.  However, you have to decide; otherwise everyone else will gladly make the choices for you.

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