Want to boost company productivity by training your employees to be effective team players?

Which Training Programs Meet Your Needs?


Choose from The Walters Group’s basic training programs or ask us to customize curricula to meet your specific needs. Most programs last from 1 ½-2 hours.

    1. Are You Prepared to Confront Harassment Issues?  Whether or not sexual or other forms of harassment have ever occurred at your workplace, you and your staff need to be prepared to handle it. What are your company’s policies? Which steps can you can take to identify, deter, and eradicate it? How can you avoid liability for your company and your staff? Protect yourself with vital information.
    2. Do You Spend Too Much Time Resolving Conflict?  Do you spend too much time managing conflict, time that could be spent more productively? Has conflict caused you to lose good customers or employees? This program helps you analyze the causes and impact of various forms of conflict and provides you with specific methods of handling it effectively.
    3. What Fosters Happy, Engaged Employees? [combined two trainings into one?] Are your employees truly engaged? Do they remain with your company for long periods of time? Achieve high ratings for customer satisfaction? Feel they are treated fairly? Are they happy? This training identifies 12 factors that have been shown to produce engaged employees. It also explores the dynamics of a happy workplace and helps you understand how to promote it.
    4. Do You Have At-Risk Employees?   Do your supervisors and managers recognize the common signs and symptoms of troubled employees? Can they identify at-risk individuals before they cause problems? Are they aware of your company’s referral procedures? This course helps managers and supervisors spot trouble before it arises.
    5. How Can You Help Your Employees Handle Change?  Has your company undergone change? New management? Internal restructuring? Are your employees resistant to it? This program helps employees cope with natural fears and recognize the long-term benefits of change. In addition, it gives managers the leadership skills they need to treat employee concerns sensitively and turn change into a positive experience for all.
    6. Are YOU an Employer of Choice?  Do you receive numerous resumes and requests for positions on your staff? Are you known in your industry as a “good place to work”? Do you offer positive opportunities for leadership and decision-making that create an exciting work environment? Is your workplace culture employee-friendly? Do you treat your staff with respect? Join us and learn how to become an employer of choice.
    7. How Do You Cope With Difficult People?   Have you experienced employees who are hostile-aggressive? Complainers? Indecisive? Silent and unresponsive? Super-agreeable? Negativists? Know-it-all experts? Difficult employees think that these modes of behavior will get them what they want even if that isn’t what YOU want. Learn specific coping techniques for each of these behaviors to ensure a more peaceful environment for your company.
    8. What’s the Key to Turning Your Staff into a Cohesive Team?   Do members of your staff or management team work well together despite possible personality differences? Are they able to communicate with each other to reach consensus on important issues? Is there synergy that works towards the greater financial good of your company? This course gives participants new teamwork skills and demonstrates how constructive staff interactions boost company profitability.
    9. Can You Achieve Professionalism in Your Workplace? Does your staff present itself in the manner in which you’d like your company to be represented? Are they appropriately groomed and dressed? Do they speak and write in good English free of slang and errors? Are they able to handle sensitive situations in a mature, thoughtful way? Are they respectful of your customers? This course helps your employees understand what is expected of them and how they can achieve the professionalism that reinforces your brand.
    10. Do Men and Women Communicate Differently?   Are you aware that men and women communicate differently from one another? What impact do those differences have in the workplace? Are your male and female employees able to communicate successfully with each other? This training analyzes differences in style and provides concrete strategies to help both men and women communicate more effectively.
    11. Does Good Customer Service Matter?  Do your employees understand the importance of good service and its critical role in maintaining your customer base? Do they understand their significance in building your company’s reputation? This session models examples of high quality service and specific skills that support it. It invites employees to become team players in the growth of your enterprise.
    12. How Can You Build a Healthy Company?   Do you feel in control of your company? Do you and your staff believe in the value of its work? Are you consistently challenged? What other factors contribute to the establishment of a healthy company? This course presents models of healthy companies that guide you and your staff to enhance the health of your own company.
    13. What Is Emotional Intelligence and How Does It Impact Your Bottom Line?   Would you like to see an increase in output, quality, interpersonal effectiveness, and streamlined organization/planning in your company? What is the perceived value your managers bring to their staff? Do your employees have a sense of identity as part of your corporate team? Research shows that these factors all figure into emotional intelligence. Join us as we explore means of achieving them

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